Custom Prayer Bundle orders are filled upon request

Cost: $25, plus shipping.

Prayer Bundles exist in many cultures around the world. Here is my bundle-making story: In 2011, while Japan was dealing with a devastating earthquake and tsunami, my heart was on the other side of the world encountering an immense empathic influx with the souls transitioning. Praying for a way to express the intensity of this life-altering experience, Spirit inspired me to channel unconditional love into transformational art. Hearing the words ‘Prayer Bundle’ rise up from within catapulted me into visionary action. Bound for the nearest fabric store, I began handcrafting bundles of prayer. This catastrophe was a wakeup call to live more fully and care more deeply, tending to Beauty & Blessing.

Through the years, thousands of prayer bundles have been dispersed throughout the states and abroad, and displayed in gift shops and galleries.


“The vibration of consciousness and loving intentions in your bundles are vitally and vibrantly palpable.” -Marie

“Each bundle is a unique mini work of art. They are all exquisitely crafted, professional, and full of good medicine.” – Teri

“Touched by these beautiful handcrafted creations made with care, and offered in the spirit of a gift from the heart. Each one carries its own special expression and are perfect gifts for loved ones.” – WindEagle