Wearable & Ceremonial Art, Home Accents

Handbuilding is a technique of creating with hands and basic tools without a pottery wheel. This ancient method draws me into a creative zone where vision & voice from the past influence and inspire vision & voice of the present. Ancient civilizations created primitive art as narratives of their lives. Inscribed clay tablets, petroglyphs, and pictographs inspire the depictions and impressions of sacred connection that I create. I sculpt with primarily micaceous clay containing natural flakes of mica traditionally used by Northern New Mexico Pueblo potters.

Happiness is
holding, smelling
molding a moist
muddy ball

Mud lights up my
wild ancient soul fire
I love having
earth in my hands.

– Mud Woman


In my late 20’s, an exploration in clay had me sculpting a self-reflective ballet body. After several days of molding, I made the startling discovery that the finished piece lacked depth when viewed from side angles. This realization led me down the path of self-healing anorexia and bulimia. Clay was a tool that launched me into seeing differently through studying form and substance, appearance and essence.

Since the 80’s, I’ve studied, modeled for, and mentored with a handful of master sculptors, several of whom reside in the spirit world now. These legacy artists have become my Clay Muse Tribe of inspiration.

Flashing forward to present time, my clay work is inspired by the language of symbolism and archetypes that influence humanity’s relationship with ancient cultural roots and universal sacred knowledge. I feel like a New Woman seeding a New World, wide open to Spirit-whispered, co-creative guidance.

Thank you, Clay Mother, for the opportunity to commune with and create from your elements of earth, wind, water, and fire.


“I love how your creations look like little artifacts.” – S.T.

“Your pendants make me happy. Every time I touch one I feel a calming energy.” – M.S

“The channeled energies radiating out from your work is felt so very deeply.” – K.G.

“Clay is indeed a magical substance, and when we infuse it with intention we activate the magic.” – L.K.

“So exquisitely crafted, so carefully, so artfully. You are truly an artist-woman of the new times!” – J.T.