Pendants, Altar & Ceremonial Art, Home Accents

Handbuilding is a technique of creating with hands and basic tools without a pottery wheel. This ancient method draws me into a creative zone where vision & voice from the past influence and inspire vision & voice of the present. Ancient civilizations created primitive art as narratives of their lives. Inscribed clay tablets, petroglyphs, and pictographs inspire the depictions and impressions of sacred connection that I create. I sculpt with primarily micaceous clay containing natural flecks of mica traditionally used by Northern New Mexico Pueblo potters.

Happiness is
holding, smelling
molding a moist
muddy ball

Mud lights up my
wild ancient soul fire
I love having
earth in my hands.


“I love how your creations look like little artifacts.” – S.T.

“Your pendants make me happy. Every time I touch one I feel a calming energy.” – M.S

“The channeled energies radiating out from your work is felt so very deeply.” – K.G.

“So exquisitely crafted, so carefully, so artfully. You are truly an artist-woman of the new times!” – J.T.